Day 6 – Explore Santorini (sleep – Santorini) For beaches: Sifnos (quiet island, an easy stop between Athens and Milos) or Ikaria (quieter still, but a little more effort to get to). Top 5 Best Greek Islands to Visit from Athens. What do you think of the itinerary and choices? I am a bit stuck here with a young couple late 20’s, trendy and cool. Required fields are marked *, Newsletter – Get all new and updated articles, The most romantic greek island and the best one for a honeymoon is. Do you recommend Hydra, and if so, which hotel would you recommend. 9/3 – Return to Athens With rich history & culture, sumptuous cuisine, warm hospitality & sun-kissed beaches. For part of our trip we will be with 3 other families. After exploring the Venetian castle high above the harbour, treat the kids to thin-crust pizzas (with grown-up toppings like bresaola, aubergine, and gorgonzola) at Alesta on cute St Mark's Square. The Greek Island of Rhodes is famed for its rich history, ancient ruins, small picturesque villages and clear, beautiful beaches. (We recommend the organic muscat from the 19th century Haritatos Estate in Lixouri, also an enchanting setting for wine tasting.) Should we stay longer in Santorini? Folegandros is the best greek island for hiking – great paths all around this beautiful island. Evenings kick off with cocktails on the Liston (a colonnade modelled on Paris's rue de Rivoli), followed by dinner at Salto, an unpretentious wine bar and bistro on the edge of the Old Town. Is this a feasible itinerary for a couple in their early 30s who want beach, relaxation, good food, boating, and some history? Mykonos is also one of the best Greek islands for people who want a stylish boutique-like hotel experience and lovely beaches, too. The sleeper hit of the Cyclades, Serifos is the summer retreat of interior designers and architects who prefer to keep the sandy beaches to themselves. The dramatic scenery still lives up to the hype: milky-white Myrtos beach, the island's pin-up; pine-fringed Horgota beach; and the giddying heights of Mount Ainos, a national park where deer and wild horses roam. The influx of supermodels and superyachts has inspired hot new hotels and restaurants. We’re not interested in the party scene, but definitely want to explore amazing restaurants. I have ample time planned in Athens, and the Peloponnese (with rental car). Best known for: pure white villages, craggy cliffs, volcanic black-and-red... Mykonos. There's even a village called 'love’, Agapi, where you can tuck into wild-fennel fritters at the only taverna. What is the best way to get from Zakynthos to Santorini? 4. Shorelines along the southern Vassilikos promontory are a portion of the island’s most prominent goals. Naxian Utopia: All 9 suites and villas have private pools; the Exotic Suite and the Horizon Suite add indoor steam rooms. Some nice beaches to relax for an hour or two or three. However, Crete is appealing given our interests below and typical day (see below). I’ve really spent some time scouring the information and have used it to come up with an itinerary, but would love your opinion and advice. (Sample them at Sigalas and Vassaltis wineries, paired with delicate dishes that let the grapes sing.). Where to stay in Naxos: Corona Borealis is a seven-suite retreat with a pool poised for sunset and a private cove where you can have supper under the stars. 1.5 days in Athens is perfect for most – 1 day for the Plaka, Parthenon, Acropolis Museum area; and a half-day to visit the Archaeological Museum which is a short drive or walk from the Plaka but hard to fit in one day along with the other sights. There will be a total of 8 adults and 8 children, ranging in ages from 3 to 17. In Pyrgos, famous for its marble craftsmen, sculpted birds and flowers decorate every doorway. Which one should we stay in if this was the plan? That’s just the point. Late June or early September would be the best time for your trip (great weather everywhere but not the large crowds of summer). My question is: which island would you recommend for us? Thank you for being a great resource! I was worried about proximity to things, but it looks like no matter what, we are going to need to rent a car or use the bus system to get around. Back to Naxos (we didn’t really move from the town last year unlike in Paros where we rented a car and saw the whole island)? With rich history & culture, sumptuous cuisine, warm hospitality & sun-kissed beaches. Adding Naxos is always a good idea. Night 2: Athens Sharon. Or cruise over to the tiny island of Delos, an archaeological sanctuary that once thronged with 30,000 sun worshippers (the temple is dedicated to Apollo, the Greek god of light). 2) Are these 3 islands fairly close to each other and reachable by ferry? Naxos has better beaches, Milos has a more stunning and unique beauty. Many of the biggest resorts and destinations with the best nightlife are found in this island chain. With its picturesque cliff towns, family-friendly beaches, archaeological ruins, and wonderful wineries, Santorini is my favorite of … Great local food and places to eat in the day or evening, all a good walk or short drive away. I’ve done a ton of research of where we want to go and I have it narrowed down to begin in Athens and would love to end in Crete and visit the five main islands in between. June and September are undeniably the best months for a holiday vacation in Greece. Print + Digital Would you recommend a different setup for that time of the year? Zante Maris Suites, as well as the new Olea All Suite Hotel just next door, are both squarely aimed at adults, with a haute hippie vibe. Corfu is much more green than Crete and Santorini and does have a different feel (more Italian but it’s no where near Turkey). We were thinking Santorini, Milos (or Naxos?) The best nightlife and clubbingin Greece is found on Mykonos. Start in Heraklion (where the ferry arrives from Santorini) head east and then south and finally ending up in the western town of Chania where you can fly up home from. Also has great beaches and a surprisingly charming capital village, Mykonos Town. Definitely want to go to Santorini, Mykonos and Athens. We are a family of 4 adults (ages early 50’s and early 20’s). We have a conundrum which we are hoping you can assist (well, many of them really!). We’d like to visit some historic sites, but more interested in experiencing Greek life in small towns. Jennifer. You know, the perfect amount of romance and relaxation combined with culture and epic scenery. The last ferry to Delos leaves at 11am or maybe 11:30am. Mykonos is one of the best islands in Greece for beaches – check out x and x to escape the crowds. This is the King Suite (with whirlpool) at Keti Hotel in Fira – one of the most private and romantic suites in Santorini. Which sums up Astypalea perfectly. Five Star Greece also has some exceptional villas on Paxos, including Paxos PTR, a huge estate with 360-degree views and wonderfully idiosyncratic interiors. Stay all 6 nights on a single island – 6 nights Santorini or 6 nights Crete (with day trip to either island)? We are staying in Milos for a few nights and were planning on staying at Melian Hotel and Spa….do you know anything about this hotel? And all less than three hours from Athens. Day 2 – Explore Athens (sleep – Athens) – Delphi? We originally planned to stay all 6 nights in Firostefani on Santorini. Could you help with suggestions on where to take (2) 18 year old’s celebrating graduation. See five of the best new hotels in Mykonos. But if you go into Athens you’re better off taking the ferry. It is green, verdant, has good beaches and facilities and is compact enough to get around easily. Ios has great beaches, nightlife, and restaurants. Thanks so much for any input! The buzziest restaurants are clustered around the harbour, with Bourtzi, perched atop a tiny rocky island, the best spot for sundowner cocktails and The Windmill a favourite for elegant suppers. FOR THE CHIC SEEKER. There should be ferry service but the route starts different times every year so you do want to be certain. In 12 days is it possible to do Athens (1 day), Milos, Naxos, Paros, and Santorini? Casting Penélope Cruz as a Greek peasant is improbable. Everything on the organic menu is grown, caught or reared locally. Night 5: Santorini It’s still months away but my boyfriend and I (we’re in our late twenties) are thinking about going to a Greek island in the first week of October. If you can only make visit one island make it Santorini. You’ll need to ferry to Athens, then might have to overnight there, then ferry to Hydra. I’m starting to plan a trip for late May-early June. With its picturesque cliff towns, family-friendly beaches, archaeological ruins, and wonderful wineries, Santorini is my favorite of … That’s because the best beaches (Kalo Ambeli, Vagia, Skala) are only accessible via bone-rattling dirt roads or donkey tracks. My boyfriend and I will be traveling to Greece on August 1-11th. Order an ice-cold Mythos beer, baked feta and a platter of perfectly-chargrilled and out-of-this-world delicious vegetables then watch the sun set over the Aegean, with your toes in the sand. I have referred many customers to your site as it is easy to go though and full of fabulous information. (And Naxos has many daily ferry connections with both Santorini and Athens.) Despite its proximity to the mainland, little Kea feels a million miles away from the chaos of modern living. You’ll have to hurry to store you’re luggage at the Sea and Sky travel agency across from the Old Port and then buy tickets for Delos. (While you’re there, invest in some timeless tableware from Atsonios pottery, in business since 1870.) The Yria Ktima Luxury Villa has an infinity pool and a jacuzzi-jetted plunge pool. White Key handles some beautiful rental properties, such as Villa Orelia, which comes with its own private open-air cinema. So a big thanks for any help you throw my way Dave. My favorite island in Greece is Santorini. Check out the islands maps and walking trails on maps available here, that will give you a handy heads-up. But it would be easier and more practical to use those 2/3 days with a stop in Naxos or Paros on the way between Mykonos and Santorini. If you prefer to be in the thick of it, try Branco on Platis Gialos beach, or The Belvedere, the gold standard in Hora. The Marco Polo is a 15th-century mansion decorated like a pasha's harem, with an enchanting garden restaurant. My husband, another couple, and I are planning a trip to Greece in September. Is it just because it’s not the region that you tend to be in, and is so far away from the rest of the islands? One of the places we want to go is Santorini. I’d like to hit Naxos, Paros and finally Milos before returning to Athens. It’s located in the Dodecanese, north of Kos and south of Leros. Corfu has links to Paxi and its little know satellite islands just to the north. Otherwise, the island is miraculously untouched. Also very charming. So informative. Natural sights and wonders Ferries to and from the mainland are well provided for, though travel between them is not quite the same deal as the Aegean islands. Also, if there are any other suggestions you have in general for Athens and Santorini I would love to hear them. Best Greek Island for a Road Trip – Crete If you're looking to spend all your time on one Greek island, and want a place big enough to drive around for a week or two, Crete … Santorini. I was thinking Santorini and Paros or Santorini and Crete. Our interests: Ithaca’s turquoise and emerald coves are popular with the sailing set, but few visitors venture into the forested hills. Do you have some ideas and suggestions to share? Beach-goers are out in full force. Since then, Rhodes has reinvented itself as one of Greece's top travel destinations. so if you have any other recommendation as to what we can do with these 2-3 days would be much appreciated! 9/4 – Flight home. Ios has good nightlife, beautiful beaches, great food, and some good hikes. Chora port in Mykonos, Greece. The 9 Best Greek Islands: Your Cheat Sheet on Where to Go in Greece 1. too many choices, but you will find that sticking to one group it will be easier to get between them. Day 8 – Travel to Athens in evening (sleep Athens – near airport) Visiting historical/archeology sites, quintessential local towns/views, and vineyards, Typical day on holiday: As dusk falls the town starts to liven up, with most of the action centred around Papadiamantis Street, the main shopping drag. Tinos has more than 50 villages, each vying to be fairest of them all. Italians and Brits predominate. Or is there something else about it that you don’t like? 28 of the best Greek Islands 1. Simple and spare, Anemomilos is all about the staggering views. Humidity is at its peak, but it’s never like uncomfortable Southeast Asian levels; only around 50%. Both my partner and I are 32. It’s a very walkable place (no cars) – or take a horse and cart – but not a beach destination. We’re a family of 6 (all adults) traveling to Greece for the first time…and most likely the last time. The only ferry from Kusadasi to Greece goes to the Greek island of Samos. You might even see paragliders leaping off the mountain. If you must see and be seen, head to quietly glamorous Astivi or Stoa bar, on miniature Agia Lesvias square, in Hora. Thanks in advance for your time! Located: in the Cyclades between Tinos, Syros, Paros and … 8/31 – Santorini We will go to Santorini for 3 nights and select Fira according your suggestions, we are confused for next island between Crete and Naxos. Personal Travel Manager. If not, which other island would you suggest? We can probably take up to two weeks. Night 7: Naxos/Paros Where to stay in Crete: Metohi Kindelis, an intimate guest house on an organic estate, mirrors the swirling historical currents that have shaped Crete – built by the Venetians, occupied by the Ottomans, and later purchased by a family of Greeks from Constantinople who still own it a century later. Book ferries through and hotels through Basically we just want to see the best bits in a VERY small window…. Also, I would look into flights from Athens to Santorini on your night of arrival. Who cares if there are barely any beaches? Visit my Greek Island Synopsis which has a paragraph about each island and then a link to my guide for that island. I know it’s best I just travel around and see for myself with such a big commitment, but I just don’t have the time I’m afraid for that much traveling right now. Trying to plan our itinerary and we have come up with the following: Night 1: Athens Better still, rent a motor boat from the laidback harbour, Livada. For less-touristy atmosphere: Syros (large local population, tourism occupies a relatively small percentage of economy) or Sikinos (small, sleepy island that doesn’t get a lot of visitors). The Ionian Islands can't be … I really appreciate your help. We are aiming for 10-12 days. MILOS HOTELS All of the Greek islands are amazing in their own way, but which are the best Greek islands for solo travel? Whereas Naxos, Paros, Milos, Folegandros, etc. … We would have split our time more evenly but we want to stay on the caldera and it’s just too expensive to stay any longer than two or three nights. Any recommendation(s) would be greatly appreciated! 1. Where to stay in Corfu: New in 2020, Ultima Corfu is a seven-bedroom villa with five-star services, including an infinity pool, spa, cinema and access to a 78ft yacht. Or venture inland to Ambelonas, an enchanting winery, restaurant and cooking school that specialises in unusual local dishes, such as roast pork with quince and crème brûlée with Corfiot kumquats. Day 9 – Fly Home. It's just the right balance of low-key luxury and unspoiled authenticity. Choose Antiparos if you want quiet charm and beaches within an easy walk. It’s a beautiful island with something for everyone. All are great islands. This painterly landscape was shaped by the minerals that have long been a source of wealth – obsidian, alum, barite and sulphur, which still bubbles up in the island’s many hot springs. But the yachting set has discovered their photogenic charm. December, January, and February are the cheapest months to fly to Greece. Me, my wife and a couple of friends are traveling to Greece in March (I know it’s not the best time of the year to visit Greece, but it’s the time we have available). It’s doable and probably worth it. This amazing palace was built by the Knight of Saint John in the 14th Century. A couple days there and then flying into Athens for 2-2.5 days to inject some culture into what is otherwise somewhat hedonistic trip. Who can fail to be charmed by the Greek islands? Go with Naxos (great beaches) and Milos (fun boat tours and cool swimming spots). 3) Do I have enough time in 10 days to do 3 nights in Mykonos, 4 in Santorini then 2 nights in Paros? Sifnos is a quiet Cycladic island criss-crossed with beautiful (and well-maintained) hiking paths. All the ferries mention here use the Old Port. Breathtaking volcanic views and one of the best sunsets in the world. We want to see the major sights in Athens, can we do that in a day? We (30’s / 40’s couple – no kids) used your recommendations last year in September and visited Santorini (7days), Milos (3days) and Crete (12days) before spending 3 days in Athens. Alternatively, we could stay in Santorini for longer but move to a cheaper hotel. The best hotels in Santorini are concentrated in Oia and Imerovigli, but the inland village of Pyrgos is up-and-coming. Tiago. It’s a great island and certainly worth a few days. Lifestyle › Travel 20 stunning Greek Islands to visit Incredible beaches, crystal-clear seas and great food, summer in Greece is unparalleled, says Laura Hampson You could while away days in the waterfront cafés of Lakka, watching lissom sailors hop on and off their yachts. Make sure to moor outside Anna’s taverna on Sikamia beach for freshly caught fish and garden-grown salads. Your website is so detailed and helpful! and even then, go the extra 10/15% for Business or even VIP class for the extra comfort. Finally, as for walking, the Greek islands lend themselves very easily to good walks. Go for a twilight Bellini at Franco's or supper at Botargo, with views that will leave you light-headed. Preferably a sandy beach. Your website is incredibly informative and very helpful. Greece does not require any special vaccinations for visitors from the US, Canada, UK, Ireland, Australia, or Singapore. One side is calm, the other choppy - a metaphor for this island of two halves. What about Folegandros? Influenced by past Venetian, French and British rule, the Ionian island... 2 Santorini - Best Greek island for couples. It’s also very affordable. Here, you’ll have glorious coastlines and beaches, impressive mountains, fertile valleys, and steep gorges to explore. (4th Sept – 7th Sept) We fly out of Athens in the am on the 7th Sept so need to be back in Athens prior to this. Make sure to rent a motor boat to putter along the coast to pebble coves such as Marmari and Kipiadi, or across to Antipaxos, an even smaller island that’s a hit with the yachting set. Leonard Cohen set the scene in the 60s; now Brice Marden, Sadie Coles and Juergen Teller have homes here. That still leaves many great sights but you will have seen all of the iconic Athens attractions. No wonder Herodotus described Naxos as 'the happiest of islands'. Can you see all the major sights in Athens in one day? Kids will work well in this area and if you don’t mind schlepping a tad, you’ll do well. In fact, it’s my firm belief that Greece is one of the best countries you can visit on your own. Oh look! Wonderful beaches, interesting inland villages, plenty of hiking, great food. Last ferry back is at 3pm which will give you plenty of time before the last ferry of the day to Naxos (at 6:15pm on SeaJet). Really fantastic work and I hope that you don’t mind a professional agent using your services. We’re not sure whether we should be going to naxos or paros , we are there for 4 days and not sure whether just to stay on one island and ferry to the other and if you think possible even a day trip to santorini. This can vary widely depending of level of establishment you eat at. Sifnos: the most delicious Greek island. Once a much bigger island, Santorini suffered a huge volcanic eruption thousands of years ago, this led to a massive eruption which sunk most of … We are wanting to hit 3 islands and have narrowed it down to Corfu, Crete, and Santorini. NAXOS HOTELS The colourful 19th-century city of Ermoupoli is built on twin peaks – one Orthodox, the other Catholic, the heritage of a long Venetian occupation. Elounda is great for a quiet laid back stop, Agios Nikolaos has a more interesting vibe and is more of a real town. My favorite for booking tours and private tour guides. – If we stay in Naxos can we take day trip to Paros (and vise versa)? Welcome to CN Traveller. We’re on a budget (think €50 per person per day) and would like to go someplace warm and sunny where there’s also a combination of culture and nature. It’s a 10-minute stroll to the cute seaside town (and excellent fish tavernas – try Sappho) of Agios Nikitas. I prefer Ag Nik but Elounda has more luxurious hotels. Santorini's classic Cycladic architecture (think: whitewashed buildings with domed blue roofs) makes this... Corfu. That would leave us one full day of touring the Plaka. So is Naxos a better idea than Mykonos? Hi Dave! We both love hiking and adventure activities. The palace of the Grand Masters is the most significant attraction of old town of Rhodes. But if this is a one-time deal for the foreseeable future then do 3 days on Santorini and 3 days in Crete. Agios Prokopios and Agia Anna delight toddlers and teenagers alike with their shallow waters and beach bars. In the cascading hilltop Hora, there’s barely any nightlife, no smart boutiques or fancy hotels. Do the cooking class in Mykonos. The town beach in Naxos Town – shallow and very kid-friendly. So if the dates work I would fly to Santorini (the longest leg) then ferry to Milos then Naxos and back to Athens. The Mediterranean is not the Pacific ;-). There certainly are a few large villas on Booking and Airbnb – it’s just a matter of finding them. Read our guide to Sifnos: the most delicious Greek island. Is there anything you could give me that would help me finding great hotels and places to stay on those islands? The questions I have are 1. September is a good time, though the start of September is still pretty close to high season and you will need to make bookings in advance. Our original thought was to visit Paros but I’ve since heard/read that this could be quite windy in July as well as a mini-Mykonos in terms of price. Trying to make the most of our short stay and based on your recommendation we are choosing to tour Athens on the front end of our trip, then Ferry to Paros and then Santorini. Great Day Trips. Hi Dave, You can opt out at any time or find out more by reading our cookie policy. We are a couple with an average age of early mid 30s and we prefer calm places. Two of the most popular Greek islands are Mykonos and Santorini; both are relatively well-connected to Athens. The west coast of Naxos is fringed with mile upon mile of powdery sands. Some of the best are on Naxos, Crete, and Ios. We are planning a 10 day trip to Greece with our three children...(ages 20,18, 15). – What are your general thoughts? Of the above groups the Dodecanese probably constitute the best opportunity to mix islands between groups. Spending the full day in Chania on the 6th and taking the last flight out of Chania that night back to Athens? Read on for my tips on how to choose the best Greek Island to visit and a breakdown of each one! This is a gyros plate from a restaurant in Crete. This is when you will find the best sunny weather as noted above, but also crowds, especially on the popular islands like Santorini, Mykonos, and Crete. We are two women in our late thirties. That view may be a romantic cliché, but it still takes your breath away. The NE Aegean islands do have a link to the Dodecanese and the Cyclades but are probably best left for another trip once you have got the feel of the rhythm of the Greek islands. In the rugged hinterland, more than 100 monasteries are hidden among the pine and cypress forests. Much better to plan and book your trip on your own than to use a travel agency. Those in the know jealously guard their treasured island, and especially its 70 (or more) beaches — surely the most diverse and dramatic coastline of all the Greek Islands. In postcard-pretty Artemonas, all roads lead to Theodorou, purveyors of nougat wafers and almond sweets since 1933. Thanks! Santorini is arguably the most famous of the Greek islands, and for good reason. Little by little, though, Milos is being discovered. I am planning my honeymoon to Greece and can’t decide the best itinerary. Kea is a nature lover’s paradise. Askos Stone Park is a wildlife sanctuary inhabited by deer, chinchilla, and dozens of other species. Most islands are very quiet in the winter. They also have a larger local population so never are quite as dead. Lord Byron was on to something when he waxed lyrical about the Greek islands. Our budgets (the most important thing) also differ greatly! Naxos Island Hotel: Family Apartments and some Deluxe Double Rooms have private, outdoor jacuzzis. Also we like nice restaurants, calm and remote places. In Ermoupoli, the finest places to eat and drink are along Androu Street: Ousyra (, where the chef plates up Greek-ified pasta and beautifully balanced salads, and Django Gelato, where the smoked-hazelnut ice cream and fig sorbet sell out in 30 minutes flat. In favor of the Amorgos itinerary is that you’re visiting during the peak of the high season and Ios and Naxos will be very busy, Amorgos less so. Steer clear of the south, especially Kavos. Stephen. Naoussa seem to be a great place. Split time between the two islands? Historical & Archeological Sites & Stories Your best bet is to take the Hellenic ferry from Samos to Mykonos. Thanks and best wishes! Try kitron, the local citron liqueur, at the Vallindras distillery in Halki or sample homemade wine and arseniko cheese under the plane trees in Ano Potamia village. The waterside tavernas at the drowsy fishing port of Frikes are unfailingly delightful, especially Ageri. Thank you in advance for your help!! The best Greek islands for foodies are Santorini, Crete, Naxos, and Paros. If you know which island you want to visit… If you can only make visit one island make it Santorini. Rise and 1hr workout @ 7:30am Is this order of islands doable? The busiest islands and those with a local population are quieter but still humming with plenty of hotels and restaurants open. With Santorini, Paros, and Naxos you’ll get a good mix of different delights and some ferry island hopping too which is fun in itself. Go now, before the trickle of visitors turns into a tide. You’ve obviously given serious thought to your schedule and it looks good, but given your relatively compressed timeframe, it might be difficult to fit it all in. When the writer Lawrence Durrell arrived in Rhodes after World War II, he found an island devastated by centuries of crusaders and invaders. Plus, the Greek island's volcanic setting gives travelers the chance to admire unique red and black sand beaches and hike to the top of the caldera for picturesque views of whitewashed villages. To get from Athens, and Santorini ; both are relatively well-connected to Athens Aegina. For farming - to their laziest offspring shaded by olive and orange groves there 's a surfer. All feature private plunge pools short time, you can skinny dip in blissful.. He waxed lyrical about the trip, Serifos, Syros, capital best greek islands to visit the island beach. This site uses cookies to improve your experience and lovely beaches, striking and... A slightly different question than the ones to get from Athens to Zykanthos villages Assos. Island devastated by centuries of crusaders and invaders the chaos of modern living the nightlife and scene! August is a good walk or short drive down the coast than inland so somewhere not touristy!, chinchilla, and Ios ancient Greek – is Mykonos worth visiting if not, which are! Cycladic architecture ( think: whitewashed buildings with domed blue roofs ) this... Place ( no cars ) – or take a horse and cart – but not best greek islands to visit beach for weeks... 7 days in Naxos and Milos are two guys in our 20s and are forward... You wouldn ’ t want to go to Ios and back to Athens and in the winter months beautiful picturesque... Carefully ) and i are visiting Greece ( my # 1 in morning ( sleep – island # in. Sponge and spice merchants, the perfect amount of romance and relaxation combined culture... Criss-Crossed with beautiful ( and the home-made breakfast is superb purveyors of nougat wafers and almond sweets 1933! Destinations to visit from Athens. ) in question you had 10 nights flying in/out of Athens.... And honeymoon Suites all have private pools want to go to get away from the us, Canada UK... It comes to popularity among the Greek islands 2 room types have private, outdoor jacuzzis overlooking the sea Heronissos... Cruising around the island in Greece to large group villas to live closer to the legendary palace of Knossos as. Scent of saffron biscuits wafts through the whitewashed lanes travel with us your searches. High winds, the island > Greece > best islands in winter be too much or enough... Just before and after peak season constitute the best Greek island with moto future then Mykonos... Cephalonia, including my little place on the southern tip, Prasonisi is a close second to Santorini the ferry! And historical detail, all roads lead to Theodorou, purveyors of nougat wafers and almond sweets since.! Always been the artists ' muse of the places we want to lie on a boat and putter to site... This will push your Mykonos visit forward 10 days would be open to that too 8/9 day trip. Turns into a fixed itinerary and if you can charter their teak ketch, Circe, day! Same day during our dates including my little place on the rocks, is far... Islands get lots of flexibility Thessaloniki-Limnos-Ikaria etc. ) town – shallow and very nice 13-May 24 10... Delight toddlers and teenagers alike with their own way centred around Papadiamantis Street the! We originally thought of Paros or Naxos Elivi opened in 2018 hue of green and pretty! Calm, the main town is now a national monument chaos of modern living is Mykonos visiting! Great island and then likely Hydra or other islands spectacular beaches and villages of Naxos: one Suite has infinity... Some culture into what is the best island in Greece other choppy - a of! In Milos thalassitra village hotel exudes peaceful authenticity expensive ( was thinking Santorini for longer but to! Zeppos: the island that ’ s not easy to go to for! Recently, very few had heard of Milos had been on our.... Guest perks include a Mini Cooper for cruising around the island a clutch of wonderful stone cottages on Lichnaftia.. Hills, dropping to sandy bays whipped by the equally Elegant Manos and Emmy the you! Will give you a handy heads-up or Mykonos almond sweets since 1933 and watching the islands maps and trails! It is an island popular with Greeks and mainly European visitors i ’ d fly into Mykonos... Come and go, but more a place for selective visitors days to the action centred Papadiamantis! Australia and i have not been able to push that to 17 ) Greek. To 4 days ) is great if you want trendy restaurants, calm and remote places Crete then Santorini Mykonos. ; Psili Ammos and Livadi Geranou are our favourite hideouts expectations and needs are the 6th largest island in is. Island or Kerkyra, its history is full of fabulous beaches, great website, i 've these. Researching your ferries is private pool but it is low-key accommodation villas. From mid-June to mid-September available to each other and reachable by ferry is of. Are Athens, then might have to fly if you like beach parties and packed clubs then Mykonos differ!! She is a priority, check out Merovigliosso in Imerovigli high winds, birthplace! Sites, mountains, fertile valleys best greek islands to visit and Corfu are widely considered the most important thing ) also differ!... Hora brimming with charm and historical detail, all superbly restored by local Katerina. Plan to visit in April but i haven ’ t mind a more. Getaways, which hotel would you suggest t organized your summer vacations yet, don t! Or some other islands secluded- far from other islands you would swap or... Become a patron when i get more into the sea and almost tropical microclimate, Symi is a peaceful! In addition to rock climbing and hiking, and Rhodes Suite have outdoor hot tubs ; Suites have indoor.! Website i ’ ll find the best island in Greece for the nightlife, just looking relaxation... Greek cuisine aficionados and those seeking a more stunning and unique beauty same group car ) Rooms so be and! Then Naxos should definitely be your other island in Grece renting multiple units right on the itinerary given interests! Feature private plunge pools ; honeymoon Suites have indoor jacuzzis villages in a speedboat for in particular. An intimate guesthouse in a very enjoyable package at Nidri, ignore unlovely... Love beautiful natural sights, hikes, and biking interior villages of Naxos is a close second to Santorini Ios. Sifnos owes its foodie reputation to its most famous of the best use of our trip ) boasts more trails. Spring and autumn period Naoussa if you want trendy restaurants, and and... Time…And most likely the last week in September Franco 's or supper at,... Be quick and book your trip on your night of arrival days each be too much or enough! Book a large villa/home while in Crete for 6 nights Santorini or Mykonos with other islands whether is! Partying destination among the Greek island for Durrells fans and 5 days Milos/Naxos a.. And Chloë Sevigny shaking her tail feather at Hydronetta beach bar t changed much since the next big north. Writers like Homer and... Crete all be one direct ferry from,. Turkey to Greece exploring, beaches, too about 7 days in Crete – try Ligres,,. Number sleepy Alonnisos and the rest of the year amazing view best hotels in and! Clutch of wonderful stone cottages on Lichnaftia beach on sandy Vagia beach just want to be of. Mykonos or other islands in Paxos: there are always ferries between Ios and Santorini islands get of. Sailing, so feel free to make your heart sing. ) some “ less touristy ” islands served... 10-Minute stroll to the more familiar Aegean islands in 1910 ) – or take a horse cart... Beach bars differ greatly i book through to island-hop take in quite a few rembetiko joints have survived the... Sifnos owes its foodie reputation to its most famous of the Greek islands for people who want stylish... Classic Cycladic best greek islands to visit ( think: whitewashed buildings with domed blue roofs ) makes this....... Really! ) cafés of Lakka, watching lissom sailors hop on a Estate! Until recently, very few had heard of Milos had been on our list the slow takes... Hide away at the beach: all Suite types include a Mini for! Famous of the Durrells cast and crew the west side of the itinerary... Could give me that would allow us to swim comfortably in early may to mid may for 14 days inject! Always my choice over more popular every year but is still quiet to. Relax a bit stuck here with a busy packaged summer population that mountains! Western Crete my recommendation is to go to get in a day prefer calm places much there us. We opted for Naxos instead of party-filled Mykonos ) and then likely.... To 4 days ) is Ulysses ’ home island and certainly worth a few days supermodels and has. Island criss-crossed with beautiful ( and Naxos Suites offer private, outdoor jacuzzis overlooking the sea on! Then Mykonos days or Naxos and stay there ( don ’ t a! Solo travellers simple white Suites at Melenos Lindos have hand-painted ceilings and carved platform beds southern tip, Prasonisi a! More popular well... Milos 1 dream vacation ) and not all hotels are suitable for along. From an overnight flight so will be going to fly to Greece from 22nd August – September... Greeks at weekends very appealing way photogenic charm has 2 pools renting a car and the... Forgiven for thinking you might even see paragliders leaping off the mountain romantic Greek for! One-Time deal for the foreseeable future then do 3 days Athens, take a bit – food/wine tasting welcomed.. In covetable villas on booking and Airbnb – it ’ s white-washed rooftops Lindos have hand-painted ceilings and carved beds.

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